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The magician behind the scene: Georgiana Stavrositu – The Art Director
The leader of the Stagio Style brand, Georgiana Stavrositu, launched her hair creative studio in early 2007. Ever since, she developed the concept of Stagio Style as the holistic place where the charismatic personalities of her clients went out of the cocoon. The Hair & Body complex services went perfectly together and Georgiana launched the third Stagio Style studio by the end of 2010.
In addition to her day to day work, both as manger and art director, she frequently attends classes and workshops to stay current on the latest trends and techniques in haircutting. She is certified by Tony and Guy and Vidal Sassoon, the hair care industry’s famous brands. Georgiana is curently focused on developing a new care saloon concept, by putting emphasis onto the client’s personality and the ways to enlight it.

The Stagio credo
The Stagio philosophy is simple – if we want our clients to have a vibrant appearance, we need to discover their  personalities first. That comes before any fashion rule and before any  catchy trend that we are aware of. And this is the secret behind our success story: we have learned to explore the universe of our customer and adapt the aesthetic rules to his nature. Because we plead for authenticity before anything else.
And the rest is history: hard work,  talent and knowledge that went along for more than four years. This is  how we launched two new creative studios that became a space for well  being and transformation for the better.